Saturday, November 21, 2009

Would you consider sending a "Box of Home" to some Marines?

Susan Grant here. One of the guys I fly with has a son who is a young Marine lieutenant embedded with his platoon in Afghanistan. I was appalled to hear how primitive their living conditions are, showering outside shivering in “solar showers,” running out of hot coffee on cold nights, and out of books and DVDs to keep their minds entertained when they aren’t out there being shot at. I also learned they’re given a “list of supplies” to BUY and bring with when they are deployed (to ease the US Gov’t bill, I suppose, but come on, many of these guys have young families and no $ to spare for their own personal comforts. They are also tough and would NEVER complain or ask for such things. So, I want to do it for them :).) Would you help make the harsh winter months a little brighter for these Marines?

Below is some info for those interested in sending a box of "home" to these guys in Afghanistan. My pilot friend told me that the US Post Office has pre-paid boxes that you can cram in as much as will fit. I plan to hit Target later and start stuffing. One note--if you are interested in sending any bags of Starbucks coffee--a huge hit in this platoon, apparently :)--please have it ground first.

Any food packaged for room temperature salmon, tuna, chicken, etc. They like to give candy to the children: suckers, smarties, anything they can carry in their pockets. They could also use anything to make the chickens they purchase from the villagers taste better, like spice packets, shake and bake type coating, hot sauce (in some bubble wrapping I think to keep it from shattering). Jerky, handi-wipes, peanut butter (I’m thinking those big plastic jars), cookies, Christmas candy like fudge etc. (You know they’d gobble up anything homemade!). And a special request from the guys: If there are any DVDs at home you no longer watch much, they’d appreciate those, too. Magazines (cool “guy mags” especially, old or new, and also paperback books. (romances, too, I would think!)

Ask others you know if you like. We simply can’t give too much! Everything sent to Daniel will be community property amongst his 40+ Marines. There are also several more platoons of 40+ marines each in the overflow will go to them.

Thanks for showing kindness to these guys--they are combat marines in direct, hostile confrontation with Taliban--they’ll appreciate even the smallest gesture!

1st Lt Daniel Redmon

2/2 G Co

Unit 73080

FPO AE 09510-3080

(US Postal Service flat rate boxes are around $11 to send to this address)

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Susan Grant, veteran, USAF,


Rain Maiden said...

I printed out the address and I am on it. Thank you for the info Susan, I would love to help out.

Kelli Estes said...

Today we received a call from some Charity wanting money to send servicemen and women care packages. We'd love to give but we wonder how much of the money actually gets to the troops. Instead, we are going to send packages to the address you've given. Thank you so much for sharing and "asking" for them!

Susan Grant said...

Rain and Kelli, thank you so much! Reading how hard the Marines are being worked there, it's nice to be able to cheer them. Kelli, sorry your comment got caught in mediation. I didn't see it until now.