Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Covers!

Hooray!  Here are the new covers for the Star trilogy being re-released all at once in May 2010. If you click on the titles above each cover the links will take you to the place at my website, where you can read more about each of the books in the series.


SciFiChick said...

I like! Especially the first one!

Kimber An said...


The Star series is my favorite is my favorite. They can't do this to me!

Okay, okay, I'm over it. Will add the news to my Sunday Showcase tomorrow.

Susan Grant said...

Thanks! :) The bright lining in all this is that new people will discover the series. I'm super happy about that!

Anonymous said...

It's lovely that they're re-releasing the series for a new audience, but I'm still waiting for Klark's story ... any chance of that happening anytime soon? nag nag nag LOL
LynneW in Ohio

Susan Grant said...

The publisher that's releasing the Star Trilogy is a different one from the one I write for now. thus I am not allowed to write Klark's story because of all the contractual entanglements. I haven't given up on finding a way I can, as lots of people are asking the same question!