Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SUREBLOOD now has back cover copy

The epic plot of my 8/10 release SUREBLOOD: a Tale of the Borderlands...AKA Borderlands #3 has been squeezed into 2 publicly acceptable, hope people carry it home, back of the book cover paragraphs. Glad my editor is good at doing this because I sure ain't (eesh, I'm even talking like my space pirates now...) Without further ado, here it is (barring any more publisher tweaks):

Torn apart by lies and deception...

Five years ago, rival space pirate captains Val Blue and Dake Sureblood stole one incredible night together. But their brief, passionate history ends with the assasination of Val’s father and the condemnation of Dake's clan. Now, Val struggles prove her mettle—to herself and to dissenters within her own people. Every successful raid is a boot-heel ground in the burning memory of Dake Sureblood--and their secret son is a constant reminder of their shared past…

Ambushed and captured before he can clear his name, Dake Sureblood returns from hell to expose the true killer of Val’s father. But as the identity of their enemy becomes chillingly clear, the former lovers must put aside their mistrust and join forces to protect their clans--and their precious son.


Kimber An said...

cool i'll get into the sunday showcase at er sorry about the no caps but daddy's newest co-pilot has the other arm occupied.

Susan Grant said...

Kimber, did you have the baby??!! Details? boy, girl??!!

Kimber An said...

Girl, my very own little Kick-Butt Heroine! And, glory, does she have great aim. Very ambitious. I keep telling her, 'Slow down, Girl. They won't let you into the Marines until you're 18 anyway!'

Susan Grant said...

Aw, that's so cute. So happy, and congratulations to all of you!!

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Joyce said...

Sounds great, can't wait and congrats Kimber An.